House on the Knoll

Long famed for spirited fetes, seasoned hosts chose a quieter pace, trading three hundred acres for three.
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Twenty years into building together, the same team that shaped their hillside estate with vineyards, lake, stables and terraced gardens collected again to find a new view, closer to friends on the valley floor. Confidence born in ambition and weathered over decades deepened day by day, as we chose the land, placed sudden scores of trees, and crafted towering walls of glass. The house opens completely, spilling guests from the sunroom kitchen along an arc of ancient olives to a warming fire. In the timbered foyer, a spray of golden butterflies hovers, as laughing conversation flutters through.

Oakville, California
5,500 square feet

Walker & Moody Architects
Barbara Colvin, Interior Designer
Claudia Schmidt, Landscape Architect
Summit Engineering, Structural Engineer
Applied Civil Engineering