Silver Oak Oakville

After flood and fire, Silver Oak Cellars rebuilt on a four-acre plateau raised above the threat of deluge.
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Beneath the traditional timber-framed roof, historic redwood, oak and hand-quarried limestone live again. The Silver Oak team knows exactly what’s needed to perfectly raise, make and share their iconic wines, and works hand in hand with us to get it. Together, we finished this LEED Platinum winery on budget in 16 months, a Napa record, and are now building a larger Alexander Valley winery to the higher standards of the Living Building Challenge, with no-impact energy and water and deep-impact beauty, health and happiness.

Oakville, California
65,000 square feet

Taylor Lombardo Architects
Martha Angus, Interior Designer
Shull & Kane, Structural Engineer

Owners Ray and David Duncan with the builders
Owners David and Tim Duncan

"Throughout our Oakville Winery rebuild and our current project, Cello & Maudru has displayed a high level of professionalism, experience and dedication. During the course of preconstruction meetings, weekly construction meetings, and day to day operations, they’ve shown their commitment to their approach by leading by example and working closely with our team to create our vision.”


“We have had the privilege of working with Cello & Maudru on several winery and residential projects over the past 15 years. Their work and dedication to each design is exceptional, and of the highest standards.”