Domaine Chandon

With Domaine Chandon and Summit Engineering, we joined winemaking, engineering and construction intelligences into a crush that sweeps 300 tons of fruit into juice in a day.
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Delicate cuvée flows to one set of tanks as richer extract diverts to another, each electronically controlled and measured for optimal handling. New, larger presses advance the pace and power of the méthode traditionelle. Our work together continues, moving now to a tasting room and restaurant as we, together, translate unique character into unique place.

Yountville, California
16,000 square feet

Summit Engineering, Structural, Civil & Electrical Engineer
TEP Engineering, Mechanical Engineer
Barry Bergman, Domaine Chandon Winemaking & Operations Director
David Junod, Domaine Chandon Operations Winemaker
Gray Wanless, Domaine Chandon Facilities Manager
Tom Tiburzi, Domaine Chandon Winemaker

"The folks at Cello & Maudru all care very deeply about the right things: they value their relationships, they’re good at their jobs, they’re competent across the board, and it just makes it so you want to go to the next meeting, you want to get the next thing done.”