A small winery with a superior yield, Brand is built for gravity-fed winemaking.
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A first design, all concrete with tanks on a second floor, proved costly. Architect Juancarlos Fernandez reimagined it into an elegant metal cathedral with the crush pad above and a tank elevator to facilitate flow to the barrels. The russet walls are taller, the geometry more composed, than typical utility. The towering stretch of the fermentation room, the serene parabolas of the caves and the simple wooden tasting room show an architecture that is necessary, clean and candid, directly useful and quietly graceful.

St. Helena, California
17,377 square feet

Signum Architecture
Kurisu International, Landscape Architect
Jankovsky Engineering Services, Structural Engineer
Delta Consulting & Engineering, Civil Engineer
Condor Earth Technologies, Cave Engineer
TEP Engineering, Mechanical Engineer
RGH Consultants, Geotechnical Engineer