House in the Hollow

A sleek tower of ultra-fine concrete and cedar rises between Victorians, quietly rethinking classical San Francisco.
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Not our first or last time perfecting with Aidlin Darling, this was one of the more challenging, as we relentlessly tuned textures, colors and scale in a tight, tall space. Solid and cool at the base, with a nightclub beneath and glass-floored office floating above, meticulously cut and cladded bris soleil wash the smoothed walls with light. Massive mahogany doors, hoisted and set four stories up, vanish any frame from their picture of the Golden Gate. Combining our intent attention with our friends’ made the finished house feel effortless, timeless, an uncommon placidity in the city.

4,185 square feet
San Francisco, California

Aidlin Darling Design, Architect
Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture

Matthew Millman, Photos