House at Quintessa

Over fourteen years, our teamwork with Quintessa and Walker Warner has made four places, with two more wineries planned.
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Our first endeavor curled into a hill of volcanic ash like a young moon, steel doors in a crescent of native fieldstone opening to a gravity-fed winery topped with a living roof. Next came offices, pavilions and, tucked in the vineyard among magnolias, blue palms and lemon trees, a modern Spanish villa designed to host a hundred guests, which so pleased our clients that they moved in rather than reserve it for entertaining. Now the question is how we’ll build, not who will, as we come together to consider land chosen for the newest Quintessa venture.

Napa, California
8,233 square feet

Walker Warner Architects
Lutsko Associates, Landscape Architect
Summit Engineering, Structural Engineer
RSA+, Civil Engineer
Truax Designs, Lighting Designer
Cello & Maudru Woodshop, Cabinetmaker
Pound Management, Inc., Owner’s Representative